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Independent Professionals

Valeria Vilar is the Clinical Director of Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center. All of the following professionals on this Areas of Specialization List are not Employees of Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center. Each and everyone of the Independent Professionals who provide services on the premises of Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center conduct their own individual practice. Their services are not directed or controlled by Valeria Vilar and/or of Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center. Patients seen at Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center agree and acknowledge that Valeria Vilar and Open Mind Psychotherapy & Wellness Center are not responsible for any services rendered by, or actions or omissions of, any of the Professionals listed below who furnish services independently on the premises.





  • Sandra Galgano, is a licensed clinical social worker since 2008 (License # SW8998). She helps adults, children, adolescents, and couples to understand and cope with difficult feelings and behaviors that are getting in the way. She combines different techniques as needed to address the person specific goals. She is committed to meeting your unique needs in an environment where you feel comfortable, understood and supported. You can contact her at (754) 224- 8456  (English)




Yoga Instructor 


  • Carla Goldstein, is a certified Yoga Teacher RYT200, Kids YOGA, YOGA Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs and Yoga ED for Pre-K and grades K-8. She teaches Yoga to adults and kids. Combining games, music, and conscious moves, children will enjoy all of the benefits Yoga has to offer. Varying from poses, breathing techniques and guided visualizations this support to the social skill group is designed to suit every child's needs. Utilizing cooperative activities, metaphors and challenging postures, children will learn to focus and increase their self-esteem by recognizing their own capacity and strength. (English and Spanish)



 Dietitian/ Nutritionist 


  • Veronica Sierra, is a dietitian, nutritionist (License #ND4007) Nutrition is my “Passion and Mission” and I love to help people improve their health and well-being.  I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English, goal oriented, and have been treating patients since 1997 developing nutritional plans according to each individual needs, including age, gender, ethnicity, health status, etc. My main goal as Dietitian is to provide each client with a customized nutrition plan and recommend certain supplements, according to their individual needs to achieve a nutrient based diet that helps them improve their health, physical and emotional well-being as well as prevent many chronic diseases. (English and Spanish)






Anxiety Disorders



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